Code for South Africa has launched
Africa’s first data journalism school in February 2016.

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  • Mapping sanitation

    Informal settlements have been a part of Cape Town's makeup since Apartheid ended, yet many still don't have access to basic sanitation services such as water and toilets. We collaborated with various CSOs to build an interactive online map visualising sanitation in informal settlements and show what this really looks like for the residents who live there. Read more

  • Creating an interactive story with CartoDB and Leaflet.js

    A technical run-through of how we created an interactive storyboard on informal settlements, with detailed explanations on how we used CartoDB and Leaflet.js. Read more

  • Opening local budget data

    The South African National Treasury is in the process of opening municipal financial data to make it widely available in order to increase visibility and strengthen civic participation. How awesome is that? Read more

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