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Municipal Finance Data


We aim to provide civil society, media organisations, researcher and citizens with the information that they need in order to promote accountability within government by opening access to municipal financial data.

Focus Areas

Government budgets are a blueprint for how public resources are going to be used in order to satisfy public needs. Transparent budgets, expenditure and revenues, and other financial data enable people to access information on the sources of revenue and understand how that money is spent. This empowers citizens to judge whether or not their government officials are effectively spending public resources. Since a significant number of the decisions that affect our daily lives are made at the municipal-level, a focus on municipal financial data provides an opportunity to influence decisions that affect the majority of people.

The National Treasury through its City Support Programme is seeking to open municipal financial data and make it widely available in order to strengthen civic oversight and public accountability as well as to promote entrepreneurship and Code for South Africa has been contracted to assist to this end.


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