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Our Team

Meet the Code for South Africans

Adi Eyal Data Evangelist

Gabriella Razzano Policy and Strategy

Jason Norwood-Young Data Journalism Advocate

Greg Kempe Lead Technologist

Raymond Joseph Head of Media Program

Jennifer Walker Wrangler of things

Daniela Q. Lépiz Data Journalist

Julia Renouprez Data Wrangler

JD Bothma Writer of code

Sarah Evans News Editor

Nadia Thorn Project Manager

Lenina Rassool Communications

Guus Hoekman Developer

Lailah Ryklief Developer

Lion Summerbell Developer

Roxanne Joseph Campaign Manager

Jameelah Parker Financial Manager

People we've worked with

Damian Schlechter Writer of code

Jeanette Strydom Community Manager

Mats Blakstad Junior Contractor

Osman Siddiqi Visiting Fellow

Khutjo Konyana Data Herder

Petrus J.v.Rensburg Developer

Siyabonga Afrika Data Journalism Consultant

Hannah Williams Data Journalism Trainer

Smart people we consult

Katherine Eyal Econometrician

Hassel Fallas Data Editor at La Nación

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